Trading Centres

The TRADING CENTRES are ready!  TRADING CENTRE cards are designed to help you boost your economy and collect more gold per turn. Debasing currency and mass production are fantastic for a while…until the bubble bursts!  Watch out for that event card that can crash your economy when the system starts breaking down.

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The Hellenistic age saw an unprecedented expansion of economic activities. Social tensions from an unequal distribution of wealth were rising.

Gold and silver was used for international trade, but the common people were excluded from this new prosperity by using copper coinage.



From the beginning of historical times and all throughout the Roman Empire, the ancient economy was primarily rural where nearly 90 percent of the people were engaged in farming and raising livestock.

In the Hellenistic Kingdoms, salaries were paid partly in produce, and general wages were kept artificially low. Locals who didn’t speak Greek were often discriminated against.



In the 3rd and 2nd century BCE, money was gradually losing value. The Ptolemies lightened the silver decagram from 17g to 13g of silver during this period.   As a way to control the currency, the Ptolemies forced foreigners to have their coinage remitted in order to trade in Egypt.


Here’s a preview of the 3 cards.


LAND the game market card 3      LAND the game market card 2      LAND the game - market card 1




Instant Event

Debasement of currency, rapid inflation, expensive credit, and plundering of the silver to copper ratio led to great social unrest.  All players must pay 5 society tokens per TRADING POST they own.


LAND the game events card 1



Knowledge & Strategies card 1

The 3rd and 2nd century BCE saw an unprecedented increase in mass production. Scientists experimented with newer and faster growing varieties of crops, and …engineers pushed technological advances such as the iron plows, irrigation systems, and other improved equipment – all for the purpose of producing more goods at a faster rate.

All TRADING CENTRES now produce 3 times more gold per turn.


1-1Strategy Card MOD 2_1



Knowledge & Strategies card 2

Taxes in the ancient world were not collected by a government official but by private individuals (“Publicanus” in Latin) …who added commissions to the taxes as their own wages. When the bible refers to “Publicans,” it means “tax collectors.”

You can now sell SOCIETY TOKENS to the treasury for 4 gold each, at any time.


2-2Strategy Card MOD 2_1