Cleopatra of Egypt

It’s hard sometimes to find out when certain piece of information is formed when certain literary sources disappear for example we like to believe that the knowledge about the age of the pyramid is relatively recent however we have the speech of Napoleon Bonaparte before one of the two major battles in his Egyptian campaign and in that speech he talks about the age of the pyramids how did he know that is kind of a puzzle

Today when you think of the famous Cleopatra 7 you think of her as an exotic queen  with dark hair.  It may surprise you to hear that a brunette Cleopatra has only been mainstream since The Unbelievable performance of Elizabeth Taylor in 1963.  Prior to the hipe of the most expensive movie of its time, blond representations of Cleopatra was just as common.

it appears extremely probable that the famous Cleopatra VII wpuld have been blonde.

Despite the lack of writings, scholars are equipped with several pieces of information which may help determine what it could have looked like. There are three undisputed facts which have given rise to debate about the color of Cleopatra’s hair:
Cleopatra came from a highly incestuous family (the Ptolemies) in which brother-sister marriages were the norm
Many of Cleopatra’s ancestors had light-colored hair ranging from blonde to strawberry blonde
Cleopatra’s grandmother (the only known source of foreign blood in Cleopatra’s family) belonged to a dynasty which descended from the same Greek-Macedonian region as the Ptolemies

The lack of foreign blood could keep recessive traits like blonde hair and blue eyes very common.

Several of the famous depiction of Cleopatra over the last two millennium are representing her with blond such are


The queen we are talking about today is not the same as Cleopatra but it’s her great-grandmother she’s the granddaughter of Antiochus the third from Syria a rule for quite some time. She married both of her brothers must I have a horrible horrible relationship with her second husband by the sound of it she led Rebellion against him and to teach her a lesson he murdered her first son from her first marriage and he murdered his own son.  He apparently dismembered her first son and had the head and the hands and feet send to her as a birthday present.

Honey I don’t think you should get me anything for my birthday. Are you sure?